Why Choose us?

Bespoke Tailoring

Every person, himself or herself, requires a finely made suit in their wardrobe at some point. Whether it's to appear fantastic at a conference, a wedding, a large business meeting, or just an ordinary night out. Even the largest boutique stores' off-the-rack clothing cannot compare to a handmade custom tailored fit.
Bespoke Tailoring Bangkok
Bespoke Tailoring Bangkok
01. Bespoke is better than off the rack.
Each item of clothing is sewn using the wearer's measurements. Our customers choose the cloth they want from a number of swatches we offer. Measurements are taken step by step, then there is an infinite range of customisation and designs. Customers are free to express themselves as they want while using their creativity as their only constraint. There are many different pairings, lapel styles, cuff and button options, and mix-and-match minstrip patterns to choose from. Buying suits off the rack limits your selections and forces you to choose between style and size. Why should your suits be small, medium, or large when no one is?

Every little detail is taken into consideration when making custom apparel at Reign's Tailor. Every one of our jackets has a canvas interior and the best decorations are sewn into each one. We constantly stay current with the newest fashion industry trends and fashions. Everyone requires at least one custom-made suit. A unique suit that stands out from the crowd is a must, whether it's for work or a special occasion. In order to cater to every customer who comes to our showroom, our creative staff has been bringing in fresh, distinctive looks. Wearing your preferred aesthetic will boost your self-confidence. Your clothing will receive lifetime maintenance from us, including sizing adjustments and repairs as they develop and evolve.
02. Quality over quantity.
We have a strong belief in quality. Large producers just care about employing machines to mass create cheap clothing. At Reign's Tailor, we hand stitch each individual piece of clothing with excellent quality for a lifetime warranty. Our tailors spend hours crafting a single suit, using the fabric, your measurements, and your body posture to create a suit that not only fits your size but also your way of life. We take the time to listen to our customers' wishes before discussing and tailoring the suit accordingly. Which would you prefer: talking to a machine or a tailor?
03. Be part of history.
Gentlemen have worn custom-made clothing, sometimes known as bespoke tailoring, since the 19th century. Clothing was crafted to fit a specific body type in the way that the designer intended. Through styling and customizing, people demonstrated their inventiveness and personalities. The term "spoken" refers to the fact that custom-made clothes were not yet ready for purchase off the rack. For individuals who rode horses in the past, tailors would add multiple vents to the coats to make the ride more pleasant. We at Reign's Tailor work to prevent the long tradition of custom tailoring from going out of style. With monograms on the jacket and shirts, each item of clothing is designed specifically for the wearer. Our clothing is a reflection of the fact that all of our tailors are "masters."