Covid Weddings


Bespoke Tailoring

May 11, 2022

Covid Weddings

2020 has been an unprecedented year for the UK wedding industry. With weddings being cancelled and rearranged since March 23rd, we have worked with clients who’ve had their COVID wedding plans change many times over.

What have we learnt?

With so much to arrange from venues, jewellery, flowers, cakes, bridesmaid dresses, photographers, stationery, and groom attire, each professional involved needs to have time to do their job. For instance, it can take 12 months minimum to arrange the venue, 3 months to have the jeweller source the perfect stone and the photographer can be booked well in advance too.

So, with this in mind, we can only work with the information that is available to us. If you have a wedding planned for 2021 or beyond, do not sit back and await further direction from the Government. By doing so, this will leave you unable to have the preferred suppliers you wanted in the first place. Remember, if you ask a wedding photographer to come along in a week – and they agree – BEWARE! Any professional who is good will be booked up well in advance.

From a tailoring point of view, designing and making a grooms suit takes time, effort and energy both from the grooms side and the tailors. We work as a team to ensure that we get the perfect fabric, design and fit for each and every client.

Throughout March, April, May and June, cloth mills around the world closed their doors and we were facing challenges like every other industry associated with COVID weddings.

Time is critical and should be used affectively to ensure it is not wasted.

Indeed, for those getting married in 2021, it’s important to get things under way sooner rather than later.

There is nothing more satisfying than designing a suit that fits every aspect of a client – from their measurements to their personality. That is what tailoring is all about.

The Bespoke Tailor are here to help.

We work to ensure that when (or if) the cloth mills close again, we have the perfect cloth in place prior to the closure, thus using the time to our advantage.

Already, we have seen clients getting married in June, July and August of September 12 months prior to arranged date.

Always adhering to our strict COVID measures we are able to source the perfect weight, colour and pattern 12 months in advance. We then work with our clients on the design and spend time tweeking this until we are perfectly placed.

From here, we work backwards from the wedding date. Measuring, cutting and creating the garments to ensure a smooth passage from design and completion for your COVID wedding.

Our aim is to create the sharpest, best fitting tweed suits. We do this by being experts in our field.

With over 26 years experience in tailoring, we are able to help you with 2 piece suits, 3 piece suits, casual suits and any other ideas that you may have.

We have the knowledge, the capability, the passion and the drive to come up with the perfect outfit for you.

We’d urge you too to take a look at our testimonials page. Here, where you will find write ups from various clients throughout the U.K. They have entrusted us to commission their outfits.

Offering our travelling tailor experience throughout the U.K.

Even though we have a studio in London and Stratford-Upon-Avon we are based in Staffordshire. This allows us to visit our clients through the U.K at their homes or places of work.

Do you have ideas for your COVID wedding? Please send them over! We are able to create a series of stunning bespoke details.

We love to hear new ideas that clients have come up with – it’s called evolution!

Once the cloth is chosen, we’d then guide you through the design. Taking time to explain each and every step until we have the perfect design for your commission.

With are confident in our approach. The Bespoke Tailor is the perfect choice for your bespoke wedding suits. You will love the entire experience.

For more information on our wedding garment, please feel free to take a look here..